You submitted your application online. You check your email one afternoon and it starts with “We have reviewed your application and are pleased to offer you admissions….” You don’t read beyond that line because you are screaming around the room. Congratulations! You received your first college acceptance letter. Now it is real. You have a choice for college. But now you have to go to the letter and find out the particulars. Did the school offer you a scholarship? Did you receive a financial aid package? Do you want to attend that school or not?


Chances are the financial aid letter will come in a separate email so be on the lookout for it. In the meantime, take a look at the school’s offerings and see how they match up to what you want.

Here are some questions to consider:

1) Can I graduate in four years with my intended major? In six years? – Some schools will quote their six-year graduation rate. If your scholarship or financial aid package covers four years, how will the remaining two years be covered?

2) Housing. If you plan to live on campus, will I be guaranteed on-campus housing all four years or is it only guaranteed for the freshman?

3) How does the school handle supplementary educational opportunities such as research, internships, and study abroad?

4) If you took courses at your local community college, will the school accept them as transfer credits or will you be allowed to test out of introductory level courses?

Take the time to do this research. This will enable you to be better prepared to make an informed decision before May 1 – decision day.





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