Schools have sent their college decisions. Now it is time for you to decide – fit and match. It’s a little more challenging this calendar year as you do not have the opportunity to attend admitted students day in person. Some schools such as University of North Carolina have set up virtual admissions programs to communicate with both admitted and prospective students. Your schools of interest may have done the same.

Note: The world is facing challenging times with the pandemic of COVID-19. I wish good health and well being to all.

You may not have access to a high school counselor as those in a brick and mortar school have. I have compiled these questions to consider based on twenty years of homeschooling and counseling other homeschooled families in my capacity as a reviewer for a homeschooling umbrella, a special needs/gifted learners consultant, and independent educational consultant.


Know The Answers To These Questions Before You Decide On A College Or University.

  • What Is The Graduation Rate (4 years)?

  • What Is The Graduation Rate (6 years)

  • What Is The Distance from Home?

  • What Scholarships (grants) Did I Receive?

  • How Much Financial Aid (loans) Did I Receive?

  • What Is The Graduation Rate in Major (4 years)?

  • What Is The Job Placement Rate in intended industry?

  • What Is The Graduate School Placement Rate in field?

  • What Religious Groups and/or Cultural Groups (if applicable) Are Available On Campus?

  • What Extracurricular Activities Are Available?

  • Is It Safe to eat on campus (religious/food allergies)?

  • Are there mental health services on campus?

  • What is the rate of attempted suicide?

  • What is the campus policy on sexual assault?

  • What is the housing situation on campus?

  • What is the campus safety situation?

  • Is there campus work study/jobs available?

  • How is the Career Services Center?

  • Is there an Internship Program?

  • What Student Support Services are available?

  • What documentation is needed for this?

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