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What We Offer

Shahir Consulting offers the following educational services:

* Formulating a four year high school plan designed with your student’s needs and goals in mind.

* Assistance in navigating the maze from independent learner to college student.

* Aiding you to find the correct fit and match for your child’s post high school needs.

* We work with families to aid in academic success for your child(ren).

* Let us help you navigate the educational maze. Contact Us Today!

From start to finish

We worked with Monique from elementary school through high school. She helped us to formulate a plan over the years from in school gifted and talented programs to extra curricular and summer programs that met the needs and interests of my daughter. She plays a long game – she can help you understand how current curriculum may help your child realize their goals and dreams down the road. For the longest time my child’s dream was to attend The Johns Hopkins University. That dream came through this fall with a full scholarship. Monique not only possesses expertise, she is a warm and pleasant person who truly cares about what’s best for your student.  She is lovely to work with, I highly recommend her.

Tracey Davidson

Applying to college and have questions?

Explore the Get Ready to Apply to College Package.

What is covered in the Get Ready to Apply to College Package?

  • 1 hour initial consultation via Skype or in person to review colleges and universities of interest.
  • Plan of action for college applications
  • Common Application Assistance
  • Letters of Recommendation Assistance
  • Communication and follow up with Admissions Officers as needed.

We have limited slots for the Get Ready to Apply To College Package. For more information please email us msrobin at to receive an intake form.

How can we help you with your education needs?

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