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What others have said

A wonderful Guide

“Monique Robinson has been a wonderful guide through the college search and application process. She is extremely well informed and excels at tailoring her information and advice to the student’s abilities and aspirations. She recognizes and builds on the strengths of each student. In addition to being deeply committed to the academic success of her advisees, she is also deeply committed to their overall well being. She is a treasure!” – J. Southall

Excellent Advice

“When I and several other moms decided to homeschool, we were very apprehensive. We knew immediately that we should contact Monique Robinson, who was homeschooling her many children of different ages. Monique graciously agreed to speak to us. She gave excellent advice and has continued to provide excellent advice throughout the years. Her wisdom, common sense, and experience make her an ideal educational consultant. I recommend Monique without reservation.” – J. Mair, Children’s Author

An innate talent

“Monique Robinson is an expert in creating the right educational path for your child. She has an innate talent for recognizing opportunities that enhance each child’s strengths and interests. Monique plays a long game – she can help you understand how current curriculum may help your child realize their goals and dreams years down the road. She has helped us make the best choices in our public school system, I highly recommend using her services.” – Tracey Davidson, Interior Designer

A Valuable Asset

“Monique Robinson has been a valuable asset to our family as we have shepherded two children through the college application process. Her knowledge of how colleges view homeschoolers and how to make their applications stand out has been fabulous. She is a wonderful, supportive consultant. I highly recommend her!” – Maureen Schafer

Realizes that each child is unique

“Whenever I have a question about anything related to the education of our children I go to Monique for advice. She always gives me the right answers and points me in the right direction for tools, teaching aids and teaching methods. She knows so many people in the educational field that I can pretty much ask her about any local program and she can give me the rundown on it. I have never met anyone who so thoroughly maps out a road to educational success based on the needs and talents of an individual student. Monique realizes that each child is unique. No cookie cutter solutions from her! She is the greatest advisor you could have if your children are in middle school and you are thinking ahead to college application time. Really, I can’t say enough good things about her.” – Deeba Jafri, Small Business Owner


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